Applications of Quantum Computer 2023

Applications of Quantum Computer 2023

What is Quantum Computer?

The purpose of Quantum computers is to perform quantum computations. It is a type of computation whose operation harness the phenomena of quantum mechanics, such as entanglement, superposition and interference. Currently quantum computers are too small to outperform usual computers for practical applications but larger quantum computers are believed to be capable of solving certain computational problems like integer factorization. In October 2019 Google made headlines upon proclaiming that the long-anticipated breakthrough of quantum supremacy had achieved. That is when a quantum computer is able to perform a task that a conventional computer can not. The computers of Google can perform a task that a conventional computer can not. For one, IBM, was not having it but the other big player in quantum posted a response essentially arguing that Google had underestimated IBM supercomputers, blazingly fast but are not of the quantum variety. The achievement of Google was a genuine milestone.

Quantum computation comes with several models with the most widely used being quantum circuits. The models of the quantum include the quantum annealing, quantum Turing machine and adiabatic quantum computation. Many models are based on the qubit which is somewhat analogous to the bit in classical computation. The qubit can be in a 0 or 1 quantum state. A qubit can also be in a superposition of 0 and 1 states. For close up, Quantum computing is getting ready. These computers can solve complex problem that can not be processed by the classical computer but are easy to factor on a quantum computer. These advancement creates opportunities across almost every aspect of modern life.

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Quantum Computer’s Application and Examples

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Better batteries
  • Cleaner fertilization
  • Cyber-security
  • Drug development
  • Discovery of Electronic materials
  • Financial modeling and Solar capture
  • Traffic optimization and weather forecasting

Its potential impact remains largely theoretical even once quantum computer reigns supreme. It is more a reflection of still-fledgling status of quantum computing than unfulfilled promise. Quantum computing is a thing before commercial-scale, researchers must clear some mahar hurdles. The number of qubits is upped by the Chief, units of information that these impressive pieces of hardware use to perform tasks. Its potential impact remains largely theoretical even once quantum computing reigns supreme. But that is more a reflection of quantum computing’s still-fledgling status than unfulfilled promise. Qubits can be either 0 or 1 or both simultaneously while on the other hand the classical computer bits exists as 0s or 1s. Because of this quantum computer have greater processing speeds to simulate molecular-level quantum mechanics.

Researchers must clear some major hurdles before commercial-scale quantum computing is a thing, however, The number of qubits are upped by the Chief, units of information that these impressive pieces of hardware use to perform tasks. On the other hand classical computer “bits” exist as 0s and 1s qubits can be either or both simultaneously. That is key to more processing speeds and is necessary to simulate molecular-level quantum mechanics.


Artificial intelligence and quantum computing may prove to be mutual back-scratchers. Advances in deep learning will likely increase our knowledge of quantum mechanics. While fully realized quantum computers at the same time in data pattern recognition, could far surpass conventional ones. Entangling qubits on the quantum computer that ran a data-classification experiment chop the error rate in half compared to un-entangled qubits according to the quantum research team of IBM. Quantum computer get better at harnessing qubits and also get better at tackling machine-learning problems. After the research of IBM a quantum-classical hybrid run on a 19-qubit machine which is built by Rigetti Computing. Harnessing has the potential to accelerate or improve machine learning which is relative to pure classical performance wrote by Rigetti researchers.

JPMorgan Chase

Partners’ list which comprise Microsoft’s so-called quantum network and it includes a bulk of research universities and quantum-focused technical outfits, but rare business affiliates. JPMorgan Chase stands out amid a sea of tech-focused members along with government and higher-ed research institutions. Financial services companies would want to leverage paradigm-shifting technology is almost not a shocker but financial and quantum modeling are a natural match thanks to structural similarities. The entire financial market can be modeled as a quantum process wrote by European researchers last year, where quantities are important to finance like the covariance matrix which emerge naturally.


The world is facing a fertilizer problem which is extending beyond an overabundance of poop. Many fertilizer of planet is made by pressurizing and heating atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia. It is process pioneered by German chemist Fritz Haber in the early 1900s. It is called Haber process, proved quite energy-consuming. Some bacteria perform naturally and we have no idea how they are doing. That is why we can not leverage it. We could probably figure out how it significantly conserve energy, with an adequate quantum computer. Researchers from Microsoft in 2017 isolated the co-factor molecule that is necessary to simulate. The CEO of Google said to MIT he thinks the quantum improvement (of Haber) is roughly a decade away.

Rigetti computing

Recent research might vastly improve weather prediction has determined. It is a topic which is worth researching. We still have little understanding of this relationship but many in the field view it as a notable use case. Ray Johnson is now independent director at quantum startup Rigetti Computing. He is among those people who have show that quantum method of computing of simultaneous calculation may be successful in analyzing the very complex system of variables that is weather.


Quantum computer is a device which is used to perform quantum computation. This computer can solve those complex problems( such as weather forecasting, drug development Cyber-security) that can not be solved on classical computers. The qubits of this computer is either 0 or 1, or both simultaneously. In future this computer will be improve and perform more complex problems with accuracy. The application of Quantum computer are Traffic optimization, Artificial intelligence, Solar capture, Better batteries, Financial modeling, Cleaner fertilization, Electronic materials discovery, Cyber-security and Drug development.

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