Scheduling of working rooms and desk flex

Scheduling of working rooms and desk flex

Many businesses are experiencing an increase in the number of mobile and telecommuting employees. Besides reducing your real estate investment costs, DeskFlex ensures that your desks are utilized effectively. A desk can be reserved, claimed, or monitored by employees or managers using DeskFlex. Therefore, office space becomes more valuable, resulting in a reduction in the amount of space required.

What is DeskFlex?

DeskFlex can be used to implement desk-sharing systems. Hoteling, hot-desking, room scheduling, desk booking, and virtual offices are some of the terms used to describe desk sharing. Browser-based programs offer many ways to manage desks. In this manner, employees can reserve desks for themselves, groups can find a place to work together, and employers can assign desks to employees. An overview of the office shows vacant or available desks using DeskFlex’s software. Employees can reserve desks in advance or claim desks as they walk in. For an accurate overview of desk vacancies, DeskFlex also uses motion-sensing technology. The map will be adjusted if an employee leaves their desk due to a motion sensor.

Online scheduling is easy with DeskFlex

Manage social distancing and find contact information with a desk booking system and hoteling software. Booking conference rooms is simplified with our web-based reservation system. It is possible to enable your employees to check the availability of space, make reservations, and modify or cancel their reservations online. With the built-in customization features, you can customize aspects according to your needs.

DeskFlex Software for Room Scheduling

Rather than managing conference room space, staff can concentrate on more important tasks with DeskFlex, the best scheduling software. Workplace optimization requires business digitalization.

 Synchronizing your office calendar with software is easier and eliminates scheduling conflicts when searching, booking, and scheduling meetings.

DeskFlex’s room scheduling software makes it simple, easy, and cost-effective to improve the efficiency of your workplace. DeskFlex’s room scheduling system also eliminates double bookings, no-shows, and lost reservations.

A rich set of features for scheduling conference rooms

Providing conference room booking services for over two decades, DeskFlex conference room booking software is a feature-rich conference room scheduling software with a track record of success and innovation. Using DeskFlex conference room scheduling software, users can view free meeting rooms with color-coded indicators. Dates that are open are indicated in green, and dates that are unavailable are indicated in red. A workspace with a permanent user is indicated by blue in DeskFlex. The room will be available in thirty (30) minutes at the latest. DeskFlex’s open-source reservation calendar allows team members to schedule meetings and collaborate live.

Scheduling software for meetings

It is possible to forecast usage patterns and introduce policies that make it easier for more staff to meet in the room with effective room scheduling. By using conference room scheduling software, office space can be maximized and team stress can be reduced. The DeskFlex meeting room booking tool can be used by team members to avoid conflicts in the online meeting room scheduler.

Reservations for conference rooms can be made easily and quickly with the DeskFlex system. By booking your office space online with DeskFlex, you can:

  • Ensure that you utilize your workspace to the fullest extent possible.
  • Streamlining workflow processes.
  • The dissatisfaction and disengagement of teams can be reduced.
  • A high level of morale and production among team members is linked to a higher level of satisfaction.


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