Superpedestrian Secures $60M Decemberbell and TechCrunch

Superpedestrian Secures $60M Decemberbell and TechCrunch

Superpedestrian, a company focused on developing innovative solutions in the mobility sector, recently announced a major funding of $60 million led by Decemberbell and TechCrunch. This investment comes at a time when the company is rapidly expanding its products to enable a more sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. The funds will go towards developing and marketing the latest technology and products Superpedestrian has to offer. This article will discuss the details of the investment, Superpedestrian’s product development plans, and the implications of this funding for the mobility sector.

Background on Superpedestrian

Founded in 2013, Superpedestrian has become a global leader in the development of innovative mobility solutions. It’s mission is to make cities more sustainable and efficient by providing better transportation options. The company has developed several products including the Copenhagen Wheel, which is a hub motor-based power assist technology, and the LINK Mobility Platform, which is an app that provides real-time navigation, insight into your bike’s performance, and more.

Details on the Investment

Superpedestrian recently announced a major investment of $60 million, which was led by Decemberbell and TechCrunch. This investment will go towards expanding the products and services the company offers. This includes developing the latest innovation in power-assisted mobility technology, as well as marketing the company’s products to a wider audience.

Plans for Product Development

The $60 million investment will allow Superpedestrian to further develop its existing products and create new ones. The company is currently exploring how its power-assisted technology can be applied to other forms of transportation, such as scooters and skateboards. Additionally, Superpedestrian plans to expand its LINK Mobility Platform to provide more real-time navigation information and insights into user’s performance.

Implications for the Mobility Sector

With the influx of $60 million in funding, Superpedestrian is positioned to revolutionize the mobility sector. This will open up new opportunities for companies to develop innovative products that make cities more efficient and sustainable. The infusion of capital also enables Superpedestrian to reach a wider audience through marketing its products. This could lead to an increase in the adoption of its technology and the expansion of its user base.


Superpedestrian has made great strides in the development of innovative products and services to revolutionize the mobility sector. The company recently secured a major investment of $60 million, which will go towards further developing its products and marketing them to a wider audience. This funding is a major step forward for the company, and could have far-reaching implications for the mobility sector.

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