Stilt $14M 100mann AzevedoTechCrunch

Stilt $14M 100mann AzevedoTechCrunch

Stilt, a financial services firm specializing in providing services to immigrant communities, has announced that it has secured stilt 14m 100mann azevedotechcrunch. This new financial support allows Stilt to continue to expand its services, which focus on helping immigrant communities build financial and social infrastructure. The funds will be used to bolster existing operations and launch new service offerings. The importance of this move cannot be overstated, as it will lead to improved financial inclusion for those underserved by traditional financial services.

Overview of Stilt

Stilt is a financial services firm that was established in 2013 to focus on providing support to immigrant communities. Its services are intended to help immigrants in both the United States and across the world in better access financial services and build social infrastructure. To date, Stilt has raised over $30 million in total venture capital funding and is currently serving 8.5 million workers, including half a million small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Importance of Financing for Underserved Communities

Stilt’s mission is focused on providing financial access to immigrant communities, which often lack access to traditional banking products. This underbanked population faces several unique challenges. They are unable to access credit to purchase things like homes and cars, and lack basic financial products like checking and savings accounts. Stilt’s services empower them with the financial tools they need to succeed and not be held back by their lack of access to traditional banking systems.

Details of the Funding

Stilt announced this week that it has secured a $14 million Series A financing round. This latest round was led by AzevedoTechCrunch and was joined by Avenue Growth, Choice Equity Group and several European and American banks. This financing round brings Stilt’s total venture capital funding to over $30 million.

How Stilt Plans to Leverage the Funding

stilt 14m 100mann azevedotechcrunch in funding will be used to bolster Stilt’s existing operations and launch new service offerings. This includes expanding its existing services for providing products such as credit cards, savings accounts and banking services to immigrants, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It will also allow for the development of additional services that address the unique needs of immigrants, including loan products and financial literacy courses. These new offerings will provide immigrants with the financial tools they need to succeed in their new countries and build a financial foundation for their future.


Stilt’s announcement of a $14 million Series A financing round is an important step in providing access to financial services for immigrant communities. This funding will enable Stilt to continue to expand its existing services and introduce new products to empower its users with the financial tools they need to succeed.

Immigrant communities will be able to better access tools like credit and savings accounts, as well as education and loan products that are necessary for their long-term financial success. With this funding in place, Stilt is well-positioned to continue making a positive impact on the lives of immigrant communities.

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