The Zeni Series Elevation Capitalhall’s TechCrunch

The Zeni Series Elevation Capitalhall’s TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a prominent platform for start-ups, tech businesses, and industry experts alike. Capitalhall is one start-up that has seized on this potential, participating in the renowned Zeni Series Elevation event and sharing its innovative take on capital investment. This article will draw on an insider’s perspective to explore how Capitalhall has experienced the successes and challenges of the Series Elevation, and how its financial solutions are being utilized in the tech industry.

Overview of the Zeni Series Elevation

The Zeni Series Elevation Capitalhall’s TechCrunch. It provides an invaluable opportunity for industry experts, start-ups, and venture capitalists to connect and collaborate on new and innovative projects. This series has gained considerable traction since its inception in 2019, with two successful events held to date.

The Series Elevation is the most significant event for tech-startups and inspiring entrepreneurs who are attempting to break into the industry. It has allowed many novice companies to gain a critical foothold in the tech sector and grow their investor base.

The concept is simple: brilliant minds bring their innovation, sharpen it in the forum, and request funding in a bid to scale their businesses. Capitalhall is one such innovator, having earned a distinction in the series elevations with its unique approach to fundraising.

Capitalhall’s Involvement in the Series Elevation

Capitalhall has been part of the various Zeni Series Elevation events since its formation in 2019. It has taken part in the annual event to showcase its unique approach to raising capital.

Capitalhall’s solution is far from ‘traditional’ financing, instead introducing a ‘crowdlnv’ system to connect with investors directly. This system allows for investors to provide quick and easy access to investment opportunities which would not be available through traditional modes. Moreover, Capitalhall has also designed a process for the company to gain insight into the investors’ expectations and objectives for the potential business partnership.

The original concept for the crowdlnv system was created by the CEO of Capitalhall, Max Chang, who has since gone on to nominate Capitalhall for the TechCrunch Elevator Pitch Award at the Series Elevation of 2019. The platform is tailored to accommodate both innovators and venture capitalists, with Max emphasizing the power of collaboration and dialogue to bring an investor’s vision alive. This model has received a warm reception among the investor community, with an increasing number of start-ups choosing to partner with Capitalhall.

Capitalhall’s Contribution to the Tech Industry

Capitalhall has earned commendations for its fresh approach to capital raising and investor relations. This alternative mode of financing has generated considerable renown among industry experts, with many start-ups benefiting from the opportunity to seek out funding without the traditional barrier of venture capital.

This concept has been further augmented and aided by Capitalhall’s method of due diligence and the process of collaborative innovation. This provides an invaluable source of data and insight into the fundamental aspects of venture capital. By understanding the demands and expectations of venture capitalists and incorporating a data-driven approach, start-ups are able to craft a tailored solution to their needs.

This form of collaboration is a key component of Capitalhall’s model, allowing innovators to grow their investor base and evaluate different sources of capital. This has been widely recognized by tech experts and venture capitalists alike, with Capitalhall’s featured panel position from the 2019 Series Elevation being a prime example.

Reports from the Series Elevation

The panel featured Max Chang’s views on venture capital and capital raising, and his experience with the crowdlnv system at Capitalhall. This discussion was published by TechCrunch, with coverage from key industry observers, such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.

The reports from Series Elevation 2019 were highly encouraging for Capitalhall, with the company’s contribution to investor-startup relations being praised by many. Capitalhall was ultimately nominated for the Elevator Pitch Award, a distinction that revealed the potential of the concept and allowed Max Chang to highlight the power of crowdlnv.

The public recognition has further increased the attention towards Capitalhall, leading to popular demand for the crowdlnv system and a rise in networking opportunities. Capitalhall has since turned aside the Elevator Pitch Award in order to focus on transforming the concept into a groundbreaking financial system.


The Zeni Series Elevation Capitalhall’s TechCrunch has been highly successful in allowing a large number of entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in the tech sector. Capitalhall’s involvement in the series has been a particular highlight with Max Chang’s innovative take on capital investment gaining considerable traction.

The crowdlnv system has been designed to meet the needs of both investors and start-ups, allowing companies to access fast, reliable sources of capital. The welcoming reception of the Elevator Pitch Awards has shown the potential of the system, and the increasing number of partnerships with Capitalhall reveal the success of the concept.


Zeni Series Elevation Capital’s successful fundraising round proves the immense potential of the company. This funding round further strengthens the company’s ambition to make the world of finance more accessible to all.

With this new capital, Zeni Series Elevation Capital will continue to create innovative products and services that will revolutionize the finance sector. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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