A Wealth of Talent: Rebecca Black’s Net Worth

A Wealth of Talent: Rebecca Black’s Net Worth

Rebecca Black’s Net Worth has emerged as one of the biggest break-out one-hit wonders of all time. The teen pop-singer skyrocketed to fame after the release of her iconic song “Friday” in 2011. While Rebecca Black’s meteoric rise and fame have been widely discussed, her net worth has been an interesting topic of conversation.

While Rebecca Black had overnight success with her hit single, her subsequent career has been big on promise, but perhaps not as big on delivery. Read on to find out just how much talent has earned Black throughout her career.

Rebecca Black’s Early Years

Rebecca Black was born on June 21, 1997 in Orange County, California. After her mother noticed her daughter’s affinity for music, Black began taking vocal and songwriting lessons shortly after her 8th birthday.

Having done some acting and appearing in a few commercials as a child, Rebecca Black decided to take her music career more seriously when she turned 13. During this time, she began performing in local venues and collaborating with talented producers and songwriters to create her own music.

The Impact of “Friday”

In 2011, a YouTube video of Rebecca Black’s Net Worth song “Friday” was uploaded to her mother’s channel. Despite a flood of negative comments, the viral video became a sensation and soon after, other major outlets began featuring and playing it.

“Friday” was released as single on iTunes and also domestically via the label teamKB Record. As a result of the single’s success, the official music video for “Friday” was soon released and became a YouTube sensation, garnering hundreds of millions of views and making Rebecca Black an overnight sensation.

Rebecca Black’s Career After “Friday”

Joining forces with indie label Ark Music Factory, Rebecca Black released her second single, “My Moment,” as well as an extended play of the same name, in 2011.

The same year, she released a single and video entitled “Sing It” with Mystery Skulls and she released “Person Of Interest” in 2012. Most recently, she has released several singles, EPs and music videos.

Rebecca Black’s Endorsements:

Although Rebecca Black’s discography has not been particularly extensive, she has been able to supplement her income with other sources of revenue.

Black has numerous endorsement deals with brands like CoverGirl, Del Monte, Red Cross, and Kohl’s, among others, and has been performing concerts and making appearances around the country.

Final Thoughts on Rebecca Black’s Net Worth:

Rebecca Black’s Net Worth career has taken off since she became an overnight sensation with the release of her hit single “Friday”.


Her wealth and net worth have been carefully accumulated over time, through investments in real estate, music, endorsements, and other ventures. Rebecca Black is the perfect example of a talent who persevered despite criticisms and has steadily created a successful career for herself.

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