HINSON: Developing Custom Timber Joinery Products

HINSON: Developing Custom Timber Joinery Products

HINSON is a bespoke joinery company that creates, produces, and installs premium timber joinery items. The business, founded in 1984, has earned a prestigious reputation for making high-quality products and providing first-rate customer service.

Who is HINSON?

HINSON is a family-run company in business for 40 years. They are a Suffolk-based company that offers a variety of bespoke joinery services, such as designing, making, and installing wooden windows, doors, stairways, and conservatories.

A group of master craftsmen work for the company and are committed to providing customers with the highest quality items possible. They make goods that are both long-lasting and gorgeous to look at using only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

HINSON Services

HINSON offers a range of bespoke joinery services, including:

  1. Timber windows.

Casement, sash, and bay windows are all available in HINSON’s wooden windows. Additionally, they can create custom windows to fit your exact specifications.

  1. Bi-folding doors, French doors, and front doors are all part of HINSON’s timber door selection. To match your exact requirements, they can even make custom doors.
  2. HINSON offers straight, curved, and spiral staircase designs available from HINSON. In order to fit any space, they can even design custom stairs.
  3. Conservatories. HINSON offers Victorian, Edwardian, and lean-to styles.
  4. Roof Lanterns: The assortment includes both flat and pitch styles. They can also make custom roof lanterns to fit any location.

HINSON’s Guarantee

HINSON products are guaranteed. Things made of hardwood have a 35-year warranty, whereas softwood has a 25-year warranty. Hardware is warranted for ten years, workmanship for ten years, and sealed units are guaranteed for five years. Paint has an eight-year warranty, whereas stains have a five-year warranty.


Sustainability is critical to HINSON, and they take to great lengths to make sure that all of their goods are made with environmentally friendly materials and procedures. All of their wood is FSC certified, and they only use wood harvested from replenished sources.

HINSON uses environmentally friendly materials, as well as minimizing waste and their carbon footprint. They employ a variety of energy-saving technology in their production procedures and have solar panels mounted on the roof of their plant.

What Sets HINSON Apart?

HINSON’s commitment to quality and customer service sets them apart from their competitors. They are committed to the highest standards to ensure that every product they make is of the highest quality. This product adheres to their customers’ strict requirements.

From initial consulting and design to manufacture and installation, HINSON also provides a full end-to-end solution. To ensure that their products are delivered on schedule, under budget, and exactly what their customers want, they collaborate closely with them.

Finally, the team of master artisans at HINSON is passionate about what they do and takes deep satisfaction in what they do. They have a lot of experience making custom joinery products, and they’re constantly searching for fresh, creative ways to improve their products.


HINSON is a top supplier of bespoke joinery products, windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, staircases, and other services. The company’s staff of skilled designers and craftsmen provides customers with high-quality goods tailored to their individual needs. Additional factors that influence customers’ decision to use HINSON for their joinery needs are the company’s extensive guarantee and dedication to sustainability.


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