Your Trusted Source for Accurate and Reliable Drug Testing Products

Your Trusted Source for Accurate and Reliable Drug Testing Products

To maintain workplace efficiency and safety, drug testing is crucial. This lowers the risk of accidents and injuries while enhancing job performance by assisting companies in identifying and preventing substance usage among employees. Drug testing has become a necessary component of many businesses and organizations due to drug addiction increases in recent years.

Who is I Drug Screen?

I Drug Screen is an online store operated by the Nationwide Testing Association. This is a business with more than 40 years’ experience in drug testing. They provide an extensive selection of drug testing tools and equipment, including alcohol tests, saliva tests, urine tests, lab services, and medical supplies. In addition to the transportation sector, they also provide services to the government, healthcare, and educational sectors.

Products Offered by I Drug Screen

I Drug Screen offers a wide range of drug testing products and supplies, including:

  1. Drug testing: They provide a range of drug testing, such as hair, saliva, and urine tests. These tests are intended to find different drugs in the system, such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and others.
  2. Alcohol Tests: They provide alcohol tests that identify the presence of alcohol in the body using urine, saliva, or breath. These tests are excellent for work or home.
  3. Laboratory Services: I Drug Screen provides a range of laboratory services, such as confirmatory testing, drug-free workplace initiatives, and medical review officer (MRO) services. These services guarantee accurate and trustworthy results while helping businesses maintain compliance with drug testing laws.
  4. Medical Supplies: They provide a variety of medical supplies, such as first aid kits, personal protective equipment (PPE), and disposable healthcare items. For hospitals, schools, and other organizations in need of medical supplies, these items are perfect.
  5. State Laws: I Drug Screen gives information on state drug testing rules and laws. Businesses who must abide by regional legislation may find this information useful.
  6. Background Checks: They provide thorough background checks that can help employers recruit qualified candidates. These checks cover a variety of things, such as driving and criminal histories and employment verification.

Why Choose I Drug Screen?

There are several reasons to choose I Drug Screen as your drug testing supplier:

  1. High-Quality Products: I Drug Screen only provides the most reliable drug testing kits and equipment. To ensure their products are precise and dependable, they collaborate with reputable manufacturers.
  2. Quick shipment: All orders are eligible for quick shipment, and most are delivered within a day. You may therefore easily and swiftly obtain drug testing supplies.
  3. Personalized Service: I Drug Screen offers a staff of skilled and informed experts who can assist you with any queries or worries you might have. They provide each customer with high-quality customer care and individualized attention.
  4. Competitive Pricing: All of I Drug Screen’s supplies and products for drug testing are offered at competitive prices. To give consumers the most value for their money, they are dedicated to doing so.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: I Drug Screen is dedicated to compliance with all national and state drug testing laws.

Carefully Selected Products

We at I Drug Screen know the importance of accurate and trustworthy drug testing for a secure and healthy workplace. For this reason, we carefully choose the best-selling, highest-quality goods for workplace and point-of-care facilities. We exclusively work with the most reputable manufacturers, ensuring that the drug testing kits you buy are the highest quality in the business. The FDA has approved our products, and we guarantee the reliability and validity of each test we sell.


I Drug Screen is committed to providing the most reliable products and services for drug and alcohol testing to all of its customers. We are a small business, so we know the unique needs of other businesses similar to us. We carefully select the finest products from reliable vendors and offer each client specialized service and informed advice. Whether you need a simple drug test kit for personal use or a comprehensive drug testing program for your business, we have the goods and expertise to help.

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