Steilacoom News

Steilacoom News

Nestled in the heart of Washington state lies a hidden gem, steeped in history, rich in natural beauty, and vibrant with community spirit – Steilacoom. As a quaint town with a population of just over 6,000 residents, Steilacoom might be small in size, but it boasts a large personality and an even larger sense of community pride. From its charming historic district to its breathtaking views of Puget Sound, Steilacoom is a town that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest in every sense.

A Glimpse into History

Steilacoom’s history dates back to the mid-19th century when it served as one of Washington Territory’s earliest settlements. Established in 1854, Steilacoom holds the distinction of being the first incorporated town in the state, making it a focal point for historians and visitors alike. Walking through the streets of Steilacoom’s historic district is like taking a journey back in time, with well-preserved Victorian homes, quaint storefronts, and cobblestone streets evoking a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.

One of the town’s most iconic landmarks is the Nathaniel Orr Home, a beautiful Victorian mansion built in 1889 that now serves as a museum, offering visitors a glimpse into Steilacoom’s past. The Orr Home is just one of many historic sites that dot the landscape of Steilacoom, each telling a unique story of the town’s pioneering settlers and their enduring legacy.

Natural Beauty at Every Turn

Beyond its historical significance, Steilacoom is blessed with natural beauty that never fails to impress. Perched on the shores of Puget Sound, the town offers stunning panoramic views of the water, with the majestic Olympic Mountains providing a picturesque backdrop. Whether you’re strolling along the waterfront promenade, enjoying a picnic in one of the town’s many parks, or simply taking in the sunset from one of the scenic overlooks, Steilacoom’s natural beauty is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Steilacoom offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, from hiking and biking trails to kayaking and paddleboarding on the Sound. One popular destination is Sunnyside Beach Park, a local favorite for swimming, picnicking, and enjoying the stunning views of Puget Sound. Meanwhile, Saltar’s Point Beach Park offers a more secluded setting, perfect for a peaceful afternoon of beachcombing and birdwatching.

Community Spirit and Local Flavor

What truly sets Steilacoom apart, however, is its strong sense of community spirit and local pride. From the annual Fourth of July parade to the weekly farmer’s market, there’s always something happening in Steilacoom to bring residents together and celebrate all that makes their town special. The sense of camaraderie and neighborliness is palpable, whether you’re attending a community event, patronizing a local business, or simply striking up a conversation with a fellow resident.

Speaking of local businesses, Steilacoom is home to a diverse array of shops, restaurants, and cafes, each offering its own unique blend of charm and character. Whether you’re craving fresh seafood, artisanal coffee, or handmade crafts, you’ll find plenty to delight your senses in Steilacoom’s bustling downtown district. And with its proximity to Tacoma and Seattle, residents have easy access to even more dining, shopping, and entertainment options just a short drive away.

Looking to the Future

As Steilacoom continues to grow and evolve, its residents remain committed to preserving the town’s rich history and natural beauty while embracing new opportunities for progress and innovation. From revitalizing historic buildings to expanding recreational amenities, there’s no shortage of initiatives underway to ensure that Steilacoom remains a vibrant and thriving community for generations to come.


Steilacoom is more than just a town – it’s a living testament to the enduring spirit of the Pacific Northwest. With its rich history, breathtaking scenery, and strong sense of community, Steilacoom captures the essence of small-town charm while offering all the amenities and conveniences of modern living. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, Steilacoom welcomes you with open arms and invites you to experience the magic of this historic gem for yourself.

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