Modulr Api $108M series AtlanticFaridi CrowdFundInsider

Modulr Api $108M series AtlanticFaridi CrowdFundInsider

Modulr, the digital payments company, has teamed up with the international financial services provider AtlanticFaridi to launch a major crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $108 million. Through their project, they hope to provide an innovative suite of financial services that will bring convenience and accessibility to their customers. To back their endeavor, they have called on the expertise of one of the leading voices in crowdfunding sources – CrowdFundInsider. With this powerful combination of experience, Modulr and AtlanticFaridi hope to realize their ambitious goal.

Overview of Modulr and AtlanticFaridi

Modulr Api $108M series AtlanticFaridi CrowdFundInsider firm that specializes in providing digital payments to a cross-section of businesses. With its main focus on customer convenience and accessibility, the company is making a name for itself by leveraging modern technologies to give customers greater control over their finances.

AtlanticFaridi, meanwhile, is an international financial services provider with a reputation for innovation. It operates on both sides of the Atlantic, providing a wide range of services including online payments, risk management and more.

Details on the $108 Million Crowdfunding Campaign

Modulr Api $108M series AtlanticFaridi CrowdFundInsider  have joined forces to launch an ambitious crowdfunding campaign that they hope will generate $108 million. The main goal of the project is to provide customers with an innovative suite of financial services.

This includes payment solutions, risk management and unparalleled customer support. The duo will also be leveraging existing technologies to make the entire process more convenient and accessible for its customers.

Insights on Crowdfunding from CrowdFundInsider

For such an ambitious project, Modulr and AtlanticFaridi need the guidance of a expert to help them realize their goal. Enter CrowdFundInsider, a leading authority on the best practices and strategies needed to succeed in the world of crowdfunding.

Modulr Api $108M series AtlanticFaridi CrowdFundInsider experience in the sector, the organization is well-positioned to provide insight and advice to the duo. By consulting CrowdFundInsider, Modulr and AtlanticFaridi can have the best possible chance of reaching their lofty target.

Benefits of the Partnership

Modulr Api $108M series AtlanticFaridi CrowdFundInsider brings with it several notable benefits. For one, customers are guaranteed the best possible experience. Thanks to the duo’s combined experience in the sector, customers can be sure that the services they’ll be receiving are the best in the industry.

Additionally, the project also has the potential to open up new avenues for both companies. Through leveraging existing technologies, the duo can expand their business ventures into new markets.

Potential Challenges Ahead

While the partnership between Modulr and AtlanticFaridi holds a great deal of promise, it also carries with it a set of potential challenges. The most pressing of these is the crowdfunding goal of $108 million. While this is an ambitious sum to raise, the duo believe that it’s certainly achievable with the right mix of planning, execution and advice.

On the other hand, it may prove to be a difficult task seeing as the ecosystem for crowdfunding is a highly competitive environment. Ultimately, both parties will need to bring their A-game if they’re to reach their lofty goal.


Modulr’s $108M Series A funding round is a huge milestone for the company, and a testament to the potential of their API-based financial solutions. The round was led by Atlantic Faridi, with CrowdFundInsider also playing a role in the funding.

This capital infusion will help Modulr to continue to innovate and provide the best possible products and services to the financial services industry. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Modulr and the world of finance.

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