Rapyd and Valitor $100M on Crowdfundinsider

Rapyd and Valitor $100M on Crowdfundinsider

Rapyd, the leading Fintech-as-a-Service company, and Valitor, a global payment processor, have recently announced their joint venture to raise $100 million from Crowdfundinsider.

The funding will be used to accelerate the companies’ global growth and enable the integration of Rapyd into Valitor’s payment ecosystem. The partnership is expected to bring on board new products and services to the rapidly evolving and growing Fintech market.

Overview of Rapyd and Valitor

Rapyd and Valitor $100M on Crowdfundinsider is the leading Fintech-as-a-Service company that empowers customers to offer local payment options to their customers. Through its comprehensive platform, it enables customers to increase conversion and user experience.

The platform integrates with multiple payment and processing providers, so customers can choose the most suitable solution for them. The company is active in over 100 countries and last year, raised $100 million in a Series B funding round led by General Catalyst, along with Balderton Capital, Oak HC/FT and Stripes.

Valitor, on the other hand, is a global payment processor that provides consumers and merchants with payment solutions. Valitor’s payment solutions are accepted across Europe, the US and in multiple markets worldwide.

Valitor enables customers to accept payments in a variety of currencies and is a licensee of VISA and MasterCard in 12 European countries.

Raising of $100M from Crowdfundinsider

Rapyd and Valitor $100M on Crowdfundinsider  recently announced their decision to join forces and raise . The funding will be used to further accelerate the companies’ growth and enable the integration of Rapyd’s Fintech-as-a-Service platform into Valitor’s payment ecosystem. This move follows a string of partnerships for both companies, who continue to expand their reach and offer more solutions to their customers.

Implication of the Joint Venture

The joint venture of Rapyd and Valitor has the potential to significantly disrupt the Fintech market. The companies’ combined expertise means they can bring their customers new products and services and help accelerate the market growth.

The integrated solutions from Rapyd and Valitor $100M on Crowdfundinsider will also enable customers to accept payments and access financial services in new markets and currencies. Moreover, the companies’ synergy also means they can now offer faster and better solutions to their customers due to the integrated platforms.


Rapyd and Valitor $100M on Crowdfundinsider is a move that could significantly disrupt the Fintech market. The funding will enable both companies to rapidly accelerate their growth and offer integrated solutions to their customers.

The companies’ expertise and synergies promises more products and services and the expansion of both companies to new markets and currencies.

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