The Global Issues of Current Age

The Global Issues of Current Age

There are many global issues which are rising day by day in some countries of the World. In this article, we are going to describe some current global issues to the readers so that they can aware from the current issues about their country or places in which they are living. In the top of list, there are few things which are affected badly such as change of climate, lack of education, violence, pollution and many other reasons are available in some countries. All these factors will be discussed in detail and you will get information about such kind of factors which can affect your country badly.

Current global issues

There are some global issues which we are going to discuss in the following;

Climate change

The global temperature is rising day by day and it is estimated for increasing up to 4.8 degrees Celsius by 2100 and it would be caused more severe weather. The people may be face different crisis with food and other kind of resources just because of climate change. It is one of the current global issue which creates problems for the people who are living in a society. Due to climate change, there may be diseases spread in a society which can affect many people badly. There may be reduction of greenhouse emission just because of climate change which is one of a current global issue of the current age. If we can make our environment clean and green then we can reduce climate change problem from our society. By doing it, we will not face any problem regarding diseases, food crisis and many other things. These things are related to climate change and we can reduce them by following some tips which are necessary for reducing these things.

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There is a most difficult global issue named Pollution which refers to ocean litter and noise pollution etc. Pollution is a difficult global issue to combat as an umbrella terms which refers different things like pesticides, fertilizers, air, light and much more things are included. A human should keep care about pollution, he needs to drink pure and clean water. But there are more than 1 billion people who are not able to drink pure or clean because they can’t get access to it and as a result, they face problems regarding pollution. There may be many problems create by drinking polluted water but what can they do for avoiding such crisis. It is not in their hand, they are helpless to get access to clean water and in a result, they have to drink polluted water. Everyone should play his role in order to reduce pollution and make an environment clean because it is good for human health and you can make your environment clean and polluted-free.


In a society and culture, we can be found violence and it is conflict that has broken out in a city which is hatred targeted. Violence is basically a preventable problem in a society that is an current issue in our society. A violence can be reduced if every person play his role and do his duty in reducing violence from society. You should play your role in reducing violence by avoiding some necessary things which increase violence.

Security and Well Being

Security is one of the best thing which helps a person to stay freely in his society and security is one of the global issue of current age. Security makes a man secure and in our society, there should be a best security system so that we can feel secure and do anything independently. In our society, there is a lack of security because every person is not performing his duty or role in a perfect way.

Lack of Knowledge or Education

Education is very necessary if you want to become a successful person and want to achieve your goals. Knowledge is power and everyone should gain knowledge so that he will become a person who has ability to achieve his goals. Buy in our society, lack of education is a current global issue because there are more than 72 million children who deserve school study are not enrolled in school and that is why our society faces lack of education issue. There are many organizations are in the world who are trying to provide education free of cost to the children who could not afford the study budget. It is one of a good thing that the children who are unable to study can learn knowledge with the help of such kind of organizations who are providing fund for children to study and bright their future.


Here is another global issue which is in our society named unemployment, due to unemployment, there are many problems. A person faces lot of problem because he has nothing to purchase food just because of unemployment. The government should work on this issue and reduce the unemployment in a country. If government works on this issue seriously then we can reduce this global issue from our society as well as from our countries. There are particularly 15 to 24 years old young people are struggling to find a good job so that they can earn their livings. They try to manage their financial position and make their living style better and that is why, they need to earn.

Government Corruption

Government corruption is also a global issue in different countries, the leaders are not good for their public. If a government system will become good in every country then the global issue of government Corruption will be reduced and there will be a better government system in all the countries.


Global issues are common in different countries and in the above portion, we have described some global issues like pollution, lack of education, violence and there are many other global issues are mentioned in the upper portion. You just need to read these global issues so that you do your duty in reducing such kind of global issues.

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